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Watching movies is definitely one of the most enjoyable things to do with friends and family. You only have to sit back, relax, grab a snack, and enjoy the show on the big screen. When searching for a movie theater near you there will be different type of cinemas to choose from including Imax, 3D movie, 4D interactive movie, and drive in theaters. If you are looking for movies playing near me you have come to the right place as our website has the largest listing of local cinemas and independent theaters.

Looking for Movie Theaters Near Me

The most commonly known movie theater of today is the multiplex theater that showcases first-runs blockbuster movies. Many movie theaters in my area even upgraded to IMAX, so as to be able to accommodate as many kinds of big hollywoord movies as it possibly could in the first week. The two most common movie theater companies you will find in your are are AMC and Regal Cinemas.

There are also lots of other multiplex movie theaters near you, most are often found in local malls. However, IMAX and 3D screens are only found in the bigger city malls. This means that if I was looking for movie theaters nearby, I simply have to locate the closest malls and ask for the scheduled local movie listings and times for what I want to watch.

If there didn’t happen to be a cinema near me, you can simply search our movie theaters map whcih will give you the closest movie locations. Oftentimes, it is quite difficult to find a movie theater near me if I’m travelling in other places. In order to find closeby cinemas, I simply look for fandango theaters near me as they usually indicate the nearest movie theater in my current location. Oftentimes the closest movies near me are the most convenient because I can easily reach them when I’m running late and they offer special ticket prices.

I bet you also experience problems in finding movie theaters near you, especially when you are travelling. The best advice I can give to you is for you to search for movies near your zip code using the search feature on our website.

History of Movie Theaters

Movies are very cool to watch, especially the action-packed ones whose effects are simply breathtaking. Talk about Man of Steel, Avatar, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, and so much more! They bring you to a world so different from your own that you cannot help but be swept of your feet.

However, movies were not always as vibrant, as colorful, nor as musical as today. Once upon a time, they were only a minute-long. Completely silent. With absolutely no color whatsoever. Just black and white. To top it off, there was no story. It was simply a presentation of normal activity – a man on horseback, a train arriving at a station, or a player kicking ball. In fact, they were simply a set of pictures flashed one after the other to create the illusion of motion. Thus the term, motion pictures.

Later on, it was used as a means to record actors’ performances and present them to the masses around the world without having to repeat the act itself. This way, mass entertainment became more affordable and more accessible.

The early years of film was known as the Silent Era of Film, due to the fact that motion pictures were produced without sounds. Due to such limitations, dance, comedy, and pantomime, are the most common genres explored during this time. To make things more entertaining, pianists and even orchestras accompany silent films. It was only in the 1970s that filmmakers were able to incorporate sound effects into the movies through the introduction of the Vitaphone system – a sound film system made by Warner brothers.

To us, film in its infancy would be totally mundane. But for the people who were witnessing its first steps, it was a novelty. They had never witnessed films before. This made even a simple show of a train arriving at a station truly amusing. To many, it was a huge leap forward in the entertainment industry.

Decades later, it did become one of the widest, most sought-after means of entertainment.

Types of Movie Theaters Nearby

AMC Theaters near me always play the popular movies out during the month. There ticket prices range from $10-$20 depending on where you purchase them. AMC also offers special discount tickets knows as Black and Gold for members and corporations. You can visit our amc movie times page for the latest showtimes.

Regal Cinemas near you often will show the same movies but are less frequently seen throughout the united states. Another chain Cinemark Theaters come to mind as the smaller theaters in less populated cities and towns. Below you will find a list of the most popular theaters near your area that play popular and independent films..

Multiplex Movie Theaters

A multiplex movie theater is the most common, most well-known type of Movie Theater for two reasons: it usually shows first-runs and it entices moviegoers because it contains multiple screens within a single complex. Hence, the name. Multiple screens could show the same movie to accommodate a large, impending audience for a particular movie. AMC, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark show different movies in different screens to offer a variety of options to the moviegoers. This means that you could choose among multiple movies which ones you would want to watch. The movies in my area are all shown in multiplexes theaters

First-run Theater

This is a type of theater that showcases mainstream film fare from major filmmaking companies and producers on its initial release period. First-run theaters are often multiplexes at the same time. The movies playing near me are almost always showcased in first-run theaters.

Nearest IMAX 3D Theaters
IMAX stands for Image Maximum, named as such because it shows a far greater image quality compared to that of conventional film. Though IMAX theaters are also capable of showing conventional films, they are best at showing films that were filmed using IMAX. There are a number of movies in my area filmed with this technology.

Arthouse/Independent Cinemas

An arthouse or an independent cinema is a type of movie theater that shows alternative films and art films that are usually lesser-known than mainstream films.

Drive-In theaters nearby

Parking lots and vacant spaces are used to project movies and let the locals drive there car into the area and kick back and watch the movies on the big screen. Finding a drive in theater is great for a date or a night out with the family.

In order to make movie theaters a convenient place to watch movies in, there is a set of etiquette to follow.

It is prohibited to bring any sort of recording device to the theater. Recording any part of the movie is a crime against the original producers of the film. The copyright law protects the company against any person or organization that tries to reproduce copies of the movie. The penalty may range from expensive fines to imprisonment. This is to make a stand against piracy.

It is highly advised to turn mobile phones to silent mode so as to prevent any disturbances while the movie is going on. Should there be any calls, it is best to answer them outside of the movie theater. Making any sort of noises that could cause annoyances to other moviegoers is a big NO because it distracts them from the movie.

Movie theaters near me often have a bleacher-type of seating arrangement wherein the seats get more elevation the farther back they are located. This way, everyone are given full vision access to the big screen. As a result, many moviegoers are often fond of propping their feet up on the headrests of the seats in front of them. This is considered to be rude and impolite because the persons in front can feel movement on their seats as the feet are being positioned on their headrests. This motion, no matter how slight, can cause a disturbance that will prevent them from getting lost in the movie.

Intimacy is a common occurrence in movie theaters. The cold, dark, and noisy ambience of movie theaters provide a suitable environment for lovers to do acts of intimacy. This is especially true for young adults whose whereabouts are often limited with close supervision from their parents. Indeed, intimacy may be a well-known fact but it is greatly recommended for lovers to take the extra mile to try and conceal their acts. Doing deeds of intimacy openly can distract other moviegoers. In fact, arm rests between seats are designed to limit public displays of affection. Therefore, it would do well for lovers to occupy the rows at the very back.

Indeed, watching movies is a fun thing to do. But you would be able to better appreciate it on a new light when you have an idea of how filmmaking evolved through the years. More importantly, it will help make the movie theater a much better place for you to know the Movie Etiquette when watching movies. Up for a movie or two? Go look for movie theaters near you and have a blast!